Robert Versteeg

Driving access to talent & talent accessing market in support of business operators

Robert Versteeg What I am Business savvy HR-LO executive: building organizational capabilities in support of business succes. I like to share thoughts on the world of business development & talent. I'm passionate about accessing talent and helping talent access market. 20+ years in consultancy & interim management improved my organizational- & function think as well as my analytical skills. Self-employement focuses me on customer demand for result and ROI. Working diverse and international workplaces helps me being organizational sensitive. What I am working on Organizational Development with focus on talent & business operations. HRM (EMEA workplace) and HRD (global workplace). Building HR capabilities: improving talent acquisition, talent assessment (psychometrics), leadership development, talent development, HR transformation and business development. Private Sector Development (IDEA). How I am educated At Ede Christian University of applied science in the Netherlands I received my HR degree. After graduating I attended management, business & HR application programs. Todate I keep up by reading and sparring with peers on a weekly basis. I'm currently in TIAS executive master program. How I got trained As of 1992 I worked (inter)nationally in HR and management positions in Profit, Public, Education, Care & Charities. A career connecting dots from HR via Management and Consultancy to HR-LO management where I focus on building organizational capabilities. What I do more: multi role participant Besides being a non-executive board member at a primary school management association, I am a reserve officer with the rank of major in the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Next to being a tactical field officer Civil Military Cooperation at 1 CMI Command/IDEA I work as a program manager for NCO and CO leadership development with the Air Force Reserve Group. I have been deployed four times (Afghanistan and Bosnia). What I believe "If you do not want what you have, do not do what you did”.
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