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Pierre de Winter I have been working as a journalist for the last 12 years. First at business magazine BiZZ for small and Medium entrepreneurs, then at Management Team, the main magazine for managers in the Netherlands. I am working as a freelance journalist and writer since 2005, primarily in the fields of business, management en sustainability, with publications not only in business magazines (MT, Slow Management, Deal!, Sprout) and - websites (Managementenliteratuur.nl) but also in mainstream publications like HP/DeTijd and Nieuwe Revu. Besides that I published a book in 2008: 'En binnenkort ben ik even helemaal sabbatical' (Haystack). My main goal is to write stories that make a positive difference in society. Not just by naming & blaming but mainly by showing examples of sustainable business and leadership that can inspire people. Specialties: Business, Management and Sustainability
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