Eva van der Fluit

Certified Management Consultant

Eva van der Fluit Welcome to my LinkedIn profile. My specialties as a management consultant are: > Whole-Scale Change expert Why is changing so difficult? I help organizations dig up underlying dilemmas so they can improve their position and performance. The best results are obtained if all parties needed for the solution participate in this process of sense making and problem solving. I design and facilitate change processes and related workshops with small and large groups, based on this principle. > Conflict expert Conflict is a part of organizations. Although nobody loves it, conflict can be a source of optimization and innovation if it does not become personal. Managers and professionals rarely learn how to tap into this source. I help them diagnose underlying causes, solve what can be solved and refocus on goals and performance. > Speaker and trainer on the topic ‘Pilots and the sweet spot of conflict’ In my PhD study on KLM pilots, I explored how they use conflict to improve their performance and prevent escalation. KLM is integrating the results into the training of its pilots.To inspire other organizations with these insights, I give lectures and interactive workshops with small or large groups. Call or email me if you are looking for an inspiring speaker, workshop facilitator, conflict expert or to increase the effectiveness of your change process. +31623733805 or e.vanderfluit@gmail.com
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